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Alternate timings:

Salsa can be danced using different timings.  Here’s a brief description of a few of the popular timings:

The most common timing for salsa has the breaking step on the one count, that is, the rock steps take place on the “one” and “five” beats of the music.  This timing is also known as LA style or “On-one” style of salsa.

The New York or “On-2” style salsa has the break on the “two” and “six” beats of the music.  The difference between this style salsa and classic mambo is that you hold the “four” and “eight” counts of music.

The “On-3” style of the Salsa has the break step on the “three” and “seven” beats of the music.

Learning and practicing the different styles of salsa timing will enhance the depth of your advanced salsa dancing.  The style of salsa you choose to master may reflect the club style that is popular in the region you live.

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